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For me, the foundation is about trying to be my best self, live authentically. That means being willing to do the necessary inner work, of facing fears, of stepping outside my comfort zone. Of being intentional about where I put my time and energy. Doing volunteer work in India at the age of 17 certainly influenced my worldview- there, I witnessed true suffering and poverty. That leaves a mark. I want to what I can to make a positive difference.


I recently (2020) received my Master’s in Information Systems (MSIS) degree from the Foster Business School at the University of Washington, with a focus on Machine Learning/AI , cloud platforms, and information security. That area continues to interest me because technology is only to become further and further integrated into our lives, and I believe these kinds of powerful tools can be used for the Force as well as the Dark Side. What is needed, I believe, is mindful conversation and thoughtfulness about how to use such tools in ways to alleviate suffering, not simply the profit margin.

I also studied community building, leadership, spirituality, and art in a graduate program (MDiv) offered by the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley- studying the different ways that diverse belief systems can communicate and work together for the greater good. Studying figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr, Dorothy Day, Walter Rauscenbusch, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and other figures who helped to organize people and resources to enact significant change – these influenced my perception of technology, seeing it, for the first time, as a modern way of doing what my heroes had done hirtherto.

Yes, these tools are often used by institutions with deep pockets, but can also be used for purposes other than monetary enrichment. In short, IT can be used in powerful ways to empower individuals, to build connections, by leveraging cloud platforms and other technologies in mindful, conscientious ways to make people’s live better. They can be used to make art, stimulate conversation, bring people together, effect needed change.

Thus, my passion is really that intersection between the MDiv and the MSIS, the arena of trying to live wisely and kindly with the arena of effective change. The MDiv is my north star, guiding me in learning about, and working with, technology in a positive way.

Oh, and my other passions are getting out into the wild and making art 🙂


SITAC IT Architecture Competition, 2020
Designing Cloud Applications
Seattle, WA

Scholar’s Studio: “IT for Just World”
Scholar’s Forum
Seattle, WA

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I’m always interested in side collaborations. If you want to chat about art, books, IoT projects, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


Deploying MERN application
April 2019


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